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The Ouija Board has received a lot of questions and spelled out the answers below. Please review all the questions that have been asked. If you still don’t find an answer to your question, please ask the Oracle.

  • I want to stay overnight. What is the difference between a Private Event, a GHO Event, or an Investigation?
    If you would like to rent the house for the evening and do not want a host, choose the Investigation experience. Investigations are designed as private events for curious group of friends to experience the house for the night, individual or team-based investigators wanting to explore the phenomena of the property. We do not supply ghost hunting equipment or a guide for investigations. You will have exclusive access to the house and 8.5 acre land. Content creators must inform us ahead of time, book through the content creator link, and sign a social media agreement. The cost for Sunday-Thursday is $960 plus tax for 1-6 people, Friday/Saturday is $1280 plus tax for 1-8 people. So even if you come alone, the minimum amount needs to be met. Any additional guests above the minimum amount is an additional $160 per person plus tax. We can accommodate multiple nights, but please note we do not book as an Airbnb. We offer overnight investigations and Day Tours during the day. If you would like to book for multiple days and not have to leave at 8am and return at 7pm, this will be an additional cost to make up for the day tour. It will also need to be coordinated with us in order for us to block off the day tours for you. GHO events are hosted by experienced paranormal investigators and are shared with other guests (maximum 12). GHO Investigate is a five hour paranormal investigation of the house, GHO Roam is a five our paranormal investigation of the house and surrounding property, and GHO All Night is an overnight paranormal experience. We provide GHO events so that people can be introduced to the investigative methods and equipment that we provide. You may also bring your own investigative equipment. Private events are curated experiences, such as weddings, parties, and workshops, or hosted investigative events designed by you with the help of The Conjuring House's staff. Other Experiences: Our Day Tour provide the haunted history of The Conjuring House and the Extended Day Tour includes hands-on experience with ghost hunting equipment. If you would like to connect with a loved one or Spirit, choose a Gallery experience with one of our expert Mediums. And if you want to a truly unique experience, camp on on our haunted and historic property by booking a GHamping experience.
  • How do I book an experience and how much will it cost?
    If you are unsure which experience is right for you, please review this section of the FAQs. Detailed descriptions about each experience that we offer, pricing, and availability can be found by clicking here: Experiences.
  • What if I don’t see the tour or paranormal event that I want listed on your website, or I can’t select it on the calendar?
    Our tours and experiences frequently sell out well in advance. If it is not listed on our bookable calendar or you are unable to select that date, then it’s either sold out or unavailable on that date.
  • Can I book several days/nights back-to-back or even a full week?
    Yes, this can be arranged but it needs to be planned in advance. We do not operate as an Airbnb, and only provide private overnight rentals from 7pm to 8am. We have tours scheduled during the day, so you will have to leave at 8am and then come back at 7pm. If you want to stay through the day for back-to-back nights, we would need to block off the tours and that would be an added cost in addition to the overnight cost.
  • Do I need to book my experience or tour in advance? Can I purchase my tickets on-site?
    You will need to book your tickets ahead of time, no exceptions. All of our experiences are for 12 people and under, and the spots fill up fast. Only registered guests are permitted on the property and we are very strict about this due to trespassers.
  • Can I come on the property to take a picture if I don’t have a booking or reservation?
    No. Only registered visitors are allowed on the property. There are cameras everywhere, even the trails. Do not trespass, we will prosecute offenders.
  • Will I know in advance which staff members, such as Cody and Satori, will be on duty for specific events at The Conjuring House?
    We maintain a policy of not disclosing which staff members will be on duty for any given event. The Conjuring House boasts a diverse team of skilled investigators, each with their unique approach and expertise. Our goal is to offer everyone a rounded experience by providing opportunities to engage with all of our investigators over time. This ensures not only a rich variety of experiences for our visitors but also respects the privacy and professional commitments of our staff. Cody and Satori do not perform their method while officially working at The Conjuring House. They're present in a professional capacity, focused on other tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, it's important to not expect a demonstration of their method during your visit.
  • Is it possible to get in touch with Cody and Satori directly?
    Out of respect for their personal boundaries, we kindly ask that you do not contact Cody and Satori directly for bookings or inquiries about their method.
  • What's the best way to get to your location?
    Our location at 1677 Round Top Road in Burrillville RI is readily available on Google Maps or similar. However, we are located in a rural country setting. Therefore, any ride share app like Uber, Lyft or taxi is not reliable for transportation FROM our location. We strongly suggest that you get to us by driving a vehicle or catching a ride with a friend. Several people have arrived ok but for the return trip have been stuck waiting for a long time for a paid ride to pick them up from our location. We are not equipped to be your ride service off of our property after your booking. Please plan accordingly.
  • What's the difference between an Investigation and a GHO-Event?
    GHO-Events are guided by experienced paranormal investigators either on our staff or one of our collaborating partners. We provide the experience so that people can be introduced to investigative methods and equipment that we provide. You may also bring your own investigative equipment. Investigations are designed as private events for curious group of friends to experience the house for the night, individual or team-based investigators wanting to explore the phenomena of the property. We DO NOT supply ghost hunting equipment or a guide for investigations.
  • Should I book under Overnight Investigation or Content Creator?
    Do you create content for followers and/or subscribers to any social media or streaming platform? If YES, you are a Content Creator. Do you have UNDER 15,000 followers/subscribers? If so, you can book under Overnight Investigations. However you must notify us that you intend to create content and sign the Social Media Contract on arrival. If you have 15,000 and over followers/subscribers you must book under the Content Creator tab and you must sign the Social Media Contract on arrival.
  • Will there be people with us if we don't book all the spots?
    Overnight investigations: you must book the base cost required so therefore you will have the entire house and access to the 8.5 acres. House Tours & GHO-Events: these are first come first serve events and you will be with other people unless you book all the spots for one of these events.
  • Do we have the house to ourselves?
    No, there will always be a staff member staying at the house throughout the duration of your booking. We are not here to interfere with your experience. Rather, we will be there in case of an emergency or if another matter arises needing our assistance.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    HOUSE TOURS: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be signed for them. Children are allowed, but must remain under the firm control of the parent or guardian for the duration of the tour. Anyone under 7 is prohibited, no exceptions. EXTENDED TOURS: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be signed for them. Anyone under 13 is prohibited, no exceptions. GHO 5-HOUR EVENTS: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be signed for them. Anyone under 16 is prohibited, no exceptions. ANY OVERNIGHT EXPERIENCE (Investigations or GHO-Event): Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be signed for them. Anyone under 16 is prohibited, no exceptions.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Day Tours are not refundable. All other events & experiences: The policy varies by the event. This location is under high demand, so we need to balance that fact when setting our refund policies. If you cancel too late or do not show, we do not have ample time to rebook your spot. In turn, we cannot refund you when we cannot rebook the time slot. Please understand that our policies are not unique and are similar to other locations that provide these types of experiences.
  • Are we allowed to investigate outside?
    Yes, you are allowed to investigate outside. However, we ask that you be respectful of our neighbors and use your inside voice outside. Quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm and all guests are expected to abide by these town regulations. You are also required to remain on the 8.5 acres and not trespass on others.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Only service animals are allowed. Please notify us by email at the time of booking.
  • Are there any hotels near The Conjuring House?
    Any hotel will be from 20 to 30 minutes away from our location. We suggest you look in Smithfield, Lincoln, Providence or Woonsocket RI. There are also hotels and B&Bs near Putnam CT.
  • Can you deny entry to individuals?
    Yes, we can, especially if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will not receive a refund if you show up under the influence. We may refuse entry to anyone that we know or suspect of falsifying or fabricating paranormal evidence for use as content on their Social Media platforms.
  • What is strictly prohibited on the property?
    The staff at The Conjuring House reserves the right to remove anyone from the property without a refund for violating any of the following: - No alcohol or drug use is permitted. - Do NOT touch any cameras - Do NOT Provoke, Ridicule, Challenge or Disrespect the Spirits - No Seances or Crossing over of Spirits allowed - Only registered/licensed Service and/or Support Animals are allowed - No Sexual Activity or Making Out allowed - Do NOT Steal ANYTHING from the Interior OR Exterior – Trust us on this. The ghosts and our cameras are constantly watching. - Do NOT use the Fireplace - Do NOT light any Candles - Do NOT get under the bedding. Sleep or sit on the top sheets ONLY. - Do NOT put your shoes or boots on the beds - No Digging or Use of a Metal Detector
  • What should I bring?
    - The farmhouse was built in 1736, it can be uncomfortable during seasonal highs and lows and is set on a property with varied terrain. Wear appropriate shoes. Floors can be uneven, there are steep staircases, and you are allowed to explore the property. Please dress comfortably. Bring layers, and don't forget some water! - Your friendly and open-minded attitude - A camera to take photos when appropriate for any given event. - A sleeping bag or blanket and pillow for any Overnight Experience - Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for any GHO or Overnight Experience
  • Is parking available on site?
    Yes, we have parking for registered visitors only. If you have booked an experience, please pull in and park. Please do not park on the road. We CANNOT accommodate RVs.
  • What are the hours for an investigation?
    The hours we have set is 7:00 PM till 8:00 AM. We are not a bed and breakfast, but we do have space available for you to rest if the need arises.
  • Do we have to spend the entire night?
    No. However, when you decide to book you have the time slotted from 7 PM to 8 AM. It is the same price whether you stay the entire duration or not.
  • Will I see a ghost?
    Although we cannot guarantee that you will experience any paranormal activity, we have had lots of “ghostly experiences” during our events. Please feel free to ask your host about some of them or just book and see.
  • Will the Tour or GHO Event wait for me if I am late?
    We must keep to our schedule and make sure our other guests are happy. All of our tours and events begin promptly. No refunds will be issued to people who are late or miss the experience. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive and get signed in.
  • Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
    The first level of The Conjuring House can be accessed. Reasonable accommodations for our disabled guests will be made for this area. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Our tours and experiences take place on a historic property that includes narrow and steep stairs, uneven flooring, cobblestones, and other rocky terrain.
  • Can I fly a drone on the property?
    Since 2016, Rhode Island has enforced a clear law, known as HB 7511, that bans drones from taking pictures or videos over private property unless the property owner has given explicit permission. In limited cases, the owner may approve the use of a drone, but you must receive approval from the owner in writing in advance. Please send requests to
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