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GHost + Camping =
The Ultimate Paranormal Outdoor Adventure
SEASONAL: June through October


Pack your courage.

This is your chance to experience what has earned The Conjuring House its legendary status. The spirits are calling...are you brave enough to answer?

Our new GHamping experience will take you beyond the walls of The Conjuring House and immerse you in the land for an unforgettable overnight investigation within the walls of our 3-4 person tents. With only 8 sites available, these are the perfect base for your overnight adventure in this iconic location. Visitors are to bring their own equipment to investigate what might await in the darkness because this excursion is sure to test your capacity to experience the paranormal.


To make your visit even more unforgettable, we recommend bundling your overnight GHamping experience with a haunted and historic tour of The Conjuring House. Led by our experienced and knowledgeable guides, you'll journey through the infamous house and learn about its history, and the spirits that remain here.


Accommodations Available

There are 8 sites available. Since there's no telling what otherworldly encounters await, we have a rated FRIGHT FACTOR (FF) 1-10 that each location might conjure to help you choose your evening.

Extraterrestrial Portal


Fright Factor

Mediums, card readers, and spirits of the house have told us of extraterrestrial visits. If true, their portal is located somewhere in the lower field. From light orbs to a UFO video captured in 2021, this experience starts at Fright Factor 6 but can elevate quickly to a 9 if you’re lucky. What might you see? What might you hear? Organize a CE5 meditation, set up equipment, and find out.

Abduction Chamber Tent: Sleeps 3, Cost: $300/night
Light Dancer Tent: Sleeps 3, Cost: $300/night
Galactic Gaze Tent: Sleeps
4, Cost: $400/night

The Playhouse


Fright Factor

Off the walking path, set among the ghosts of children, sits a 1968 Vintage Avion Trailer. Listen past the pond peepers to hear the local children, long dead, at play. Bring your voice recorder to catch an EVP, and bring your thermal imaging device to see an apparition peeking out from behind a tree. Perhaps they’ll invite you to join them for a game of hide and clap.


Playhouse Trailer: Sleeps 3 to 4 with 2 beds and a sofa, Cost: $400/night

Pet Cemetery


Fright Factor

Behind a stone wall and under trees lie the remains of beloved pets, long dead, long buried. Catch the eyes of a phantom horse, and invite the visitation of one of our ghost cats. Hear a distant bark or cow call. It might be one of the many animals who lived, died, and remain part of our haunted history. Bring your cat balls, rem pods, and night vision binoculars.

Pet Cemetery Tent: Sleeps 4, Cost: $400/night

Seven Soldiers


Fright Factor

As told to Cindy Perron in the 1970s, “There are 7 dead soldiers buried in the wall,” As told to us in 2020, ground penetrating radar revealed the location of 5 burial sites along the stone wall. Was it the Revolutionary War? King Phillip’s War? Some other war? Brace yourself for shadow figures walking. Prepare for disembodied voices. Bring your spirit boxes, dowsing rods, and thermal imaging devices. Maybe you can learn the stories of these departed souls forever entombed here.

Seven Soldiers Tent: Sleeps 4, Cost: $400/night

Beyond the Bridge


Fright Factor

These tents are a special kind of fear.

Nightfall turns the property across the bridge into one of a sinister kind. Be prepared for shadow figures, footsteps, drumming, and howling animals. We recommend bringing a respectful offering (something biodegradable) and invoking protection against anything suspicious that might try to lure you deeper and deeper into the woods.

Floating Regrets Tent: Sleeps 4, Cost: $400/night

The Floating Regrets Tent is set back in the woods at the intersection of the river just over the bridge. We have heard tales of a deceased boy found floating down this river and of the demise of native children caught in a flash flood. Let us not forget The Conjuring movie of Lorraine watching her daughter float past as a dire warning. What secrets will these waters reveal? Bring your equipment, and hope you aren’t filled with regrets for choosing this haunt near whispering waters.

Perron's Purgatory Tent: Sleeps 4, Cost: $400/night

The Perron's Purgatory Tent is sited deep in the woods. It sits among tales of cross-dimensional encounters, Bigfoot sightings, and siren-like orbs of light. Experienced investigators have been known to flee in terror back to the safety of the house. How brave are you? Dare you to find out?


You MUST read the following or risk being asked to leave WITHOUT A REFUND.

We know it's a lot, but this will ensure you have a great time and includes: the schedule, the rules, what to bring, what to expect, what NOT to expect, your rights, our rights, and more. See, important stuff.

Know before you go:


5:00 pm: Check-in time. DO NOT COME EARLY unless you booked the afternoon Extended Tour on your check-in day.

**If you are attending any earlier House Tour on your check-in day, you must leave after the tour and come back for your check-in time.
6:00 – 6:30 pm: Guided tour of the land, NOT the house (must book a separate tour).
6:30 – 7:00 pm: Merchandise Room is Open
7:00 pm:  Overnight Investigation begins. You can investigate anywhere on the property, including around other GHamp sites. Staying out of their tents should go without saying.
10:00 pm: QUIET HOURS BEGIN PER TOWN ORDINANCE. You can still investigate, but please use your indoor voice outside.
1:00 am: Your private investigation at your tent area begins! Investigate your site and other areas without tents.
A 50-FOOT BUFFER NO-GO ZONE TAKES EFFECT around other GHamp sites. Let people sleep who choose to. 
9:00 am: Merchandise Room opens
10:00 am: Check-out time. Place ALL of your trash in the receptacles before you leave. Leave nothing behind. There is no formal check-out process. Leave all TCH gear at your tent site.
**Booked the 11:00 am tour of the house?
You are to pre-pack your vehicle and then depart right after your scheduled tour. 
**Booked a tour or experience after our 11AM tour on your check-out day?
You must leave and return for your next booking.


If you want to GHamp two nights in a row, AND you want to remain on the property during the day (between the check-out and your next night's check-in time), there will be an additional flat fee of $50.00 per person. Otherwise, you will need to pack up, leave and check in again at 5:00 pm.
NOTE: You must contact us before booking more than two consecutive nights.


  • A caretaker will be on staff solely for our GHampers.

  • You will get a history tour of the grounds highlighting the areas to investigate.

  • The Merchandise Room will be open from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and the next morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am. You will access the shop from the backyard porch.

  • Expect minimalist rustic accommodations.

  • We provide the tent (or trailer), sleeping cots, and lanterns at each site.

  • We provide camping chairs at each site.

  • There is a central fire pit located in the lower field – to be lit by staff only.

  • There will be gas grills available for your use.

  • There is access to water (no ice).

  • There are Portal Potties on the property.

  • You have access to the 8.5 acres of land EXCEPT for the land along Round Top Road.

  • Be aware that there may be guests occupying the house who will investigate the land as well. All outdoor investigators, whether GHampers or house guests, will follow the same rules and procedures as stated.

  • Expect to encounter or hear wildlife, including foxes, snakes, coyotes, bats, frogs, turkeys, chipmunks,  ticks, birds, mosquitos, and whatever else might be lurking in the dark.


  • We are NOT a campground. We offer outdoor accommodations so that you can do an Overnight Investigation of our land.

  • There are no showers available.

  • There is no electricity or propane at any of the sites.

  • There is no running water at any of the sites.

  • Guests will NOT have access to the house or any other building unless they have booked a tour or other Experience.

  • Cell service and Wi-Fi can be very spotty in the woods and lower fields.



  • A sense of community: a shared scared experience makes friends from strangers.

  • A camera to take photos and video.

  • A sleeping bag, bedroll, or blanket and pillow.

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor terrain and relevant forecast.

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • A cooler with ice.

  • Bug and tick repellent.

  • Generator if needed. Battery operated only.

  • Flashlights or camp lights.

  • Ghost hunting equipment.

  • A compass/GPS so that you don’t get lost.


Do not park on the road. Park in our lot.



Rent a car. There are no reliable rideshares or taxis from our rural location. We can provide sleeping bags, additional flashlights, and one cooler for your group for an extra $35.00 per person.



An adult MUST accompany Children under the age of 18. A Parent or Legal Guardian of the Child must sign the Waiver. If a Parent or LG is not coming on the investigation, the signed Waiver must be printed and brought to TCH. The Adult who is accompanying the Child will also sign a Waiver on-site. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 ARE NOT PERMITTED. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


  • Arrive 15 minutes early to sign waivers and to check in.

  • If you are arriving late, please email us your arrival time.

  • NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS - You will immediately be asked to leave without a warning, NO REFUND.

  • NO GUNS OR FIREWORKS - You will immediately be asked to leave without a warning, NO REFUND

  • The House, Barn, Baby Barn, and Staff Trailer are OFF LIMITS.

  • No investigating or flashlights on the property along Round Top Road.

  • If you smoke tobacco products, ensure your butt is completely out, and DO NOT LITTER.

  • DO NOT touch any cameras - You will immediately be asked to leave without a warning, NO REFUND.

  • DO NOT provoke, ridicule, challenge, or disrespect the spirits.

  • No seances or crossing over of the spirits allowed.

  • NO PETS - Only service animals are allowed. Please notify us at the time of booking.

  • DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING - not even a blade of grass or a rock; trust us on this. You will immediately be asked to leave without a warning, NO REFUND.


  • No digging or use of a metal detector.

  • No climbing any trees.

  • No jumping off the bridge.

  • No drones are allowed.

  • No screaming (yes, you might get scared or freaked out, but please don't scream).

  • No scaring people because there's no screaming.

  • No provoking, harassing, or harming any wildlife encountered.

  • Be respectful of other guests and neighbors. No yelling or loud ruckus. There are neighbors, other GHampers, or guests inside the house investigating.

  • You are allowed to bring your own ghost-hunting equipment

  • You are allowed to take photos and video of your experience 

  • You are NOT allowed to take videos of other guests without their express permission.

  • You are NOT allowed to stream live for more than TWO HOURS.

  • You will be expected to read, understand, and agree to all of our General Rules and House Policies and sign our Waiver when you arrive on-site.


If you intend to create content for any social media platform regardless of your number of followers, you must notify us at the time of booking and sign the Social Media Agreement. You must also not interfere with or film any other guest without their express permission.


  • We cannot guarantee that you will experience paranormal phenomena.

  • The Conjuring House reserves the right to cancel any experience with refunds provided.

  • We reserve the right to inspect any personal belongings and coolers for alcohol, drugs, and firearms.

  • We reserve the right to tell any guest to leave for any rule violation, excessive noise, or other unbecoming conduct. NO REFUND will be provided in these cases.

  • We reserve the right to charge your card the replacement value of any item furnished for your stay that you may intentionally or unintentionally take with you.

  • We will have an Offering Box if you want to leave a respectful offering to the spirits.

  • We are not responsible for any wildlife you may encounter. Don't provoke them.

If you have any questions, please review the information above and our FAQ page before contacting us directly. Many of your questions can be answered here on the website.

NO REFUNDS WITHIN TWO WEEKS of your booked event.

All eligible refunds are subject to a 10% cancellation fee per ticket.

No rescheduling within 10 days of the booked date.
All eligible rebookings are subject to a 10% change fee per ticket.

Have questions?
Check out our FAQ before contacting us.

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